Monday, 18 February 2013

Fruit drinks from Darwin markets

I fell in love with the fruit drinks at the Darwin markets along with the food! Not really being a fan of fruit, other than berries and bananas in milk drinks, I was surprised to see fruit drinks made with water and ice.
Now that I am home, I am experimenting with mixes to get my drinks right.
The one I fell in love with was mango, banana, lime and ginger.
I have been using Buderim ginger refresher until I experiment with making my own ginger syrup, or try using fresh ginger.
For this I will need to get really young pink ginger and will need to go the Adelaide central market for this.
Today I made a peach, watermelon, lime and ginger drink. The lime and ginger makes the drink so refreshing.

Just peel and chop the fruit roughly and place in a blender, cover with ice water and about a large soup ladle of ice. Juice a lime and add this along with about two tablespoon of Buderim refresher.

Lots of short bursts in the processor seems to work best, at least that is what they do at the markets.

More if you are a ginger fan like me. Drink is best drunk with a straw, as it settles out, but I just used a swizzle stick.

I am addicted, and so refreshing when made with water and ice. From a dietary point of view, getting the benefit of the whole fruit. Enjoy and I look forward to experimenting with lots of different fruits.

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