Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Pests attacking basil seedlings

I think that the sap sucking,leaf eating bugs had sentries in the garden to alert them when I planted lush little basil seedlings. I would come out in the morning and find all that was left of my beautiful seedling was a mutilated stalk. I gave up trying to plant them in the open garden because they were obviously so irresistible to slugs, snails and others.
So I tried to get sneaky and put a barrier between them and my plants.
I planted them in pots, but as a further barrier I put them up on a wire netting frame about two feet off the ground.
And so far, so good, the plants are surviving nicely.
Soon I will be making basil pesto using the same recipe as I make for rocket pesto.

In the background is my asparagus bed but more about that later!

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