Sunday, 9 December 2012

Mexican nibbles

This was another invention to serve with drinks. So easy too!
I put a can of drained red kidney beans in the food processor and made it it into a mash. Heated some oil in a non stick pan and then fried the bean mash, added some more oil as needed. Then I just added a sachet of the Old Peso taco spice mix and continued to fry it to release all the flavours. Mix it all in well. I kept that mixture warm and made guacamole, just the usual sour cream garlic, lemon juice and avocado.
Take a bag of plain Doritos, now this was the challenging bit. if you are like me and always manage to buy the bag that someone appears to have stood on, then finding unbroken ones will be a time consuming exercise. Once I had done this, I spread the whole Doritos on a large plate, and put a small amount of the beans topped with guacamole on each one. They were delicious. The trick was to get them to the table before the person carrying them ate them. Enjoy, we did!

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