Saturday, 12 January 2013

Garlic harvest and garlic sauce for meat

Just harvested a friend's garlic crop!
I have made lots of jars or minced garlic in oil for family and friends. I have hung some to dry, using bird netting offcuts to make a bag and an old meat hook bought at a garage sale. It has come in handy.

We were having a barbecue so made a version of a steak Dianne sauce. It was so easy and tasted great.
I fried shallots ( the ones in my garden are so strong, tears pour down my face when I chop them). Added about a tablespoon of minced garlic and fried this to golden brown, getting all the pan scrapings as well. A good splash of vodka followed. It should have been brandy but I didn't have any. Then a very generous splash of Worcester sauce followed by about a cup of cream and salt to taste. Just heated it through, stirring all the time. I put it in a serving jug and microwaved it on low power to reheat. Lots of compliments.

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