Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Saved fridge dump fees

I have started my new garden beds. Using two fridges that had 'died' as garden beds has saved me dumping fees. Not to mention the hassle of getting them to the dump.
The motor end has had a piece of steel pot riveted over the opening.

The freezer compartment in this one will be great to isolate something that usually takes over.

As you can see it makes a good depth of soil and will keep the ground moist and cool. I have emptied the current compost container into it, along with rotted manure.
Old styrofoam lids can be cut to size to block the ends with a few bricks to hold them up and the soil inside can be filled against this barrier.
This will be left empty till autumn plantings.
I have also begun extending my upside down roof garden too. As you can see the soil depth is not great but shallow rooted plants have done exceptionally well.

This will be filled with compost and well rotted manure as well.
I plan to utilise another roof garden as a strawberry bed next year.
Gardening at waist height is also a great advantage, especially when hunting strawberries.

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