Saturday, 19 January 2013

Growing Beetroot

This has to be one of the easiest and most forgiving summer vegetables to grow. We have limited water that becomes salty as summer progresses. We have had extreme heat but still my Beetroot soldiers on!
I have grown it in what was previously a curved roof. The soil is about 30cm in the middle to about 15cm at the edge. We put a few holes in it for drainage.

The Beetroot was planted from seed and mulched well with mushroom compost once the leaves were through. The soil was a good mix of well rotted sheep manure and compost. I am overwhelmed with success!

Now I am deciding what to do with my bounty.
I will definitely be making Beetroot rosti.
The great thing about rosti is that they freeze so well and will still come back crisp and beautiful.
I will use my own horseradish (which I have grown for the first time and am about to harvest ) to make horseradish cream to go with it.
Pickled Beetroot will also be a good option.
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